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Data Vision Sound Science is a UK based Information Engineering solutions provider, offering specialist products and support, consultancy, training and education across industry sectors ranging from Broadcast Television and Film to Infrared, Medical, Chemical and Quantum Imaging. Our additional services include Remote Editing for Television and Film Productions as well as providing training in Internet Traffic Analytics for Business Optimisation.

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Often touted as the new gold, data is fast becoming the most valuable commodity for many businesses. Advances in data acquisition, storage, analysis, manipulation and distribution are  having massive impacts on our everyday lives. The possibilities of what can be achieved with big data sets is not new but it is only recently that we have reached a technological level allowing us to realise the opportunities that Data Science has promised. Statistical analysis of imaging data along with Deep Learning form part of the DVSS focus in this field.


The 20th Century saw an unprecedented explosion of human understanding and subsequent technological breakthroughs and achievements, all documented by two of its earliest and greatest engineering achievements, Motion Picture Film and Television. A century or so later and the Digital Image is an integral part of our daily lives, being embraced by most sectors of industry and human endeavour alike. Most recently, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Neural Network Deep Learning techniques are blurring the lines of perception and posing the question whether seeing is indeed believing. DVSS maintains a keen focus in this field in order to bring our clients the best solutions available to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by this intriguing area of science and technology.  


Technological advances in Vision’s inseparable partner, Sound, often light up the way for the advances in Digital Imaging. Natural Language Processing, Environment modeling and AI musical compositions are but a few of the ways sound is now being engineered. If we want a an insight into where digital images may be heading we should keep a careful eye on sound. In 2020, DVSS is actively building on its offering to the Audio world as every Audio Engineer knows, images are only there to enhance the sound and if you are unconvinced of this claim, Alexa, Cortana and Siri will let you browse the internet without the need for pictures…QED!

Our Mission

By bringing cutting edge technology, real world experience and elite level knowledge to markets embracing the Information Revolution, we aim to keep our customers ahead of the curve by assisting them in choosing the right technological solutions for their businesses while demystifying the world of Data Science and its associated disciplines.

Our Experts

Greg Holland

Founder and CEO

Greg Holland is a 30-year industry veteran in the field of image processing for Film and Television. He was previously the owner and director of the Anglo-Swedish image processing specialist Digital Vision where he held technical, commercial and managerial positions for over two decades. Holding the degree of Master of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester and the Engineering Grande École ENSEEIHT of Toulouse, France, Greg has a wealth of technical and market knowledge of Image Processing techniques and applications in Telecommunications, Film and Broadcast Television. He is the creator and author of the series of educational guides ‘From Jelly Head to Genius’ and from a career spanning analogue video and physical film through to today’s cutting-edge digital imaging techniques, Greg’s irreplaceable knowledge lays at the heart of DVSS.

Dr. Hemmel Amrania is a world leading expert in infra-red imaging. He holds the degrees of BSc and MSc in Physics as well as a PhD in Quantum Optics, all obtained from Imperial College London where his work as a Post Doctorate Researcher in the field of laser based medical imaging saw him file for 7 patents and receive the Imperial College outstanding research award as well as the Royal Society prize for his contribution to breast cancer imaging. A genuine colossus in the field of digital imaging, Hemmel’s specialties include Quantum Detection, Microscopic Optics as well as Infra-red, Laser, Multispectral and Chemical Imaging on which he is a contributor in the field of Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy for Biomedical Applications to the Royal Society of Chemistry’s publication of the Faraday Discussions. His cutting-edge achievements also include two world firsts in the demonstrations of live cell imaging using a benchtop device and intermediate bandgap solid state solar cells. The depth of scientific understanding that Hemmel brings to DVSS is truly invaluable.

Dr. Hemmel Amrania

Chief Technology Officer

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