Ipshita Sehra

Human Resource Manager

Ipshita Sehra is the Human Resource Manager at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. She oversees the recruiting, interviewing and hiring new staff as well as consult with top management on strategic planning and serve as link between top management and employees.

Akanksha Soni

HR Executive

Ms. Akanksha is responsible for our amazing team. She manages the human resource department and handpicks the best candidates for our digital marketing hub from LinkedIn, Naukri, and other employment search engines. She is responsible for representing Codeflies Technologies to potential employees and selecting the best-suited ones for our organization.

Pooja Jadaun

Accounts Manager

Ms. Jadaun is our accounts pundit who specializes in taxation, accountancy with regulatory compliance. She is a dedicated employee and works before the deadline to ensure maximum business productivity.

Vivek Singh

IT Project Manager

Vivek Singh is a Project Manager having more than 6 years of experience at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd, expert in tracking and planning, quality management, information management and cost estimation as well as delivered many successful projects.

Shivani Singh

Project Manager

Ms. Shivani is our Project Manager who partakes in major key responsibilities of Codeflies Technologies. She maintains client relations, figures out budget estimates, analyze and manage any project risks, monitor progress, and implement changes, as and when needed. She is one strong pillar of our enterprise.

Ankit Kumar

SEO Manager

Ankit Kumar is an SEO Manager at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd, having more than 8 Years of Experience and Coordinating content, design, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and other activities as well as implementing SEO Strategies.

Dharmesh Kumar

Sr. Web Designer

Dharmesh Kumar is working as Web Designer at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. having 4 years of experience and helps in deliver many successful projects as well as expert in HTML, CSS, Prestashop, SASS, javascript, jQuery, Hugo and Wordpress.

Ravi Singh

Sr. Frontend Developer

Ravi Singh is Working as Frontend Developer carrying experience of more than 4 years. Outstanding in using Technologies like Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, AMP, javascript, jQuery. His dedication is imperative for the growth of our company.

Sourav Mogha

Web Designer

Sourav Mogha is Working as Web Designer carrying experience of more than 3 years. Outstanding in using Technologies like Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop. His dedication is imperative for the growth of our company.

Astha Verma

CI Developer

Astha Verma is one of the brilliant Developers of Codeflies Team having Experience more than 5 Years and expert in Prestashop, Opencart, CI, CakePHP and Wordpress.

Prateek Saini

WordPress Developer

Mr. Saini is our topnotch WordPress Developer and is contributing to creating high-performing websites, par excellence, for Codeflies Technologies, and our clients. He foresees that CMSs and websites developed at Codeflies station are updated with the best trending functionality and ensures reliable performance at engaging designs.

Arun Sharma

Full Stack Developer

Mr. Sharma is our one-stop-person for any PHP development-related service. He is one experienced Full Stack PHP developer running the front-end, back-end development-game in the PHP world.

Raja Kumar Bhagat

PHP/CI Developer

Mr. Bhagat is a high-end PHP developer who specializes in CodeIgniter, Laravel, SQL, Mysql, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax. His dedication to building robust websites is unlevelled.

Aditya Chaudhary

PHP Developer

Mr. Chaudhary is another pillar of our PHP development platform. He is proficient at his PHP development skills and provides a great deal of support in developing high-performing websites and apps.

Dheeraj Saluja

Core and Cake PHP Developer

Mr. Saluja carries 4+ year of experience in Cake PHP and specializes in core PHP development. He is efficient at his work and is also familiar with AJAX. He takes immense interest in snooker, personally.

Purusharth Sharma

PHP Developer/ Shopify Developer

Mr. Sharma is a brainy employee of Codeflies Technologies. He builds unbeatable websites and takes care of PHP/Shopify development with precision and personally takes pleasure in table-tennis, Chess, and Reading.

Devendra Singh

SEO Executive

Devendra Singh Khati Working as SEO Executive at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , his prior experience in content marketing, content growth and SEO as well as also able to think creatively, strategically , and identify and resolve problems.

Siddharth Tyagi

Graphic Designer

Siddharth Tyagi is Graphic Designer at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd; Having experience of more than 2 Years and Expert in using Photoshop, coralDraw, Illustrator & In-Design. He is playing a vital role for the growth of the Company.

Ghanshyam Verma

Email Marketer

Mr. Verma is an email marketer and a tool enchanter. He knows well about how to run big-fish marketing tools like Auto Pager, Email Extractor, etc. to get the best results out of email marketing processes. He ensures Codeflies Technologies of apt data analysis and management by his expertise.

Suresh Chand

Email Marketing Executive

Mr. Sharma generated leads for Codeflies Technologies and our clients to increase business profits. He is apt at his work and delivers filtered leads, which often converts.

Vaishnavi Singh

Content Writer

Ms. Singh is an inventive content sorcerer of Codeflies Technologies. Her years of experience is the secret behind her versatility of writing for every domain: lifestyle/technical/beauty/etc., for every channel: Social Media/Web Content/etc., and in any tone/formats. She specializes in SEO/SMO writing, Blog/Article writing, Web Content writing, and so on, with 0.00% plagiarism.

Gurwinder Kaur

Business Development Executive

Ms. Kaur is our opportunist to bring in new clients. She partakes in incessant team meetings to understand our business goals and blend her knowledge with thorough market research to generate leads and maintain client relations.

Gaurav Gudheniya

Business Development Executive

Mr. Gudheniya is responsible for analyzing business leads, understanding market competition, strategizing actions for business growth. His contribution has been our constant support.

Mohammad Sheikh

BBusiness Development Executive

Mr. Mohammad is our BDE wizard with 3+years of experience in the domain, along with marketing and PR expertise. He is overseeing our client relations and following up on necessary measures to keep them strong.

Manoj Kumar Singh

Email Marketer [Lead Generation]

Mr. Manoj is a lead generation expert at Codeflies Technologies. He oversees incoming emails to form engaging reports for managers to follow up on potential clients.

Meenakshi Chauhan

PHP Developer / Laravel Developer

Ms. Meenakshi is an expert-level PHP developer who specializes in complete PHP development, front-end, and back-end. She is quick at her work and projects the same quick/fast response on her websites/apps.

Sandeep Upadhyay

Website Designer

Mr. Upadhyay is an excellent web designer who creates engaging website layouts, add efficient elements to them, and keep them responsive for Codeflies and out clients. His contribution is still unmatched at our enterprise.

Dillip Kumar Das

Shopify Developer

Mr. Das is a lead generation expert at Codeflies Technologies. He oversees incoming emails to form engaging reports for managers to follow up on potential clients.