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Slack Events
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Over the past 20 years, SLACK Lifestyle has been fortunate enough to work with a most diversified group of corporate clientele, allowing us an opportunity to assist with their seating solution needs and to differentiate their space.
From their office chillout zones, collaborative quarters, to their regional meetings layout, branding-marketing events, and target specific festivals. Each client provides a challenge in matching SLACK lounger styles and colour combos with their theme and intended audience.

In each instance, we are able to produce a range of our lounger designs to suit their needs within the colour themes, varible usage, and often tight production timeline that are required for each project.
The result is a versatile, active, vibrant space filled with a SLACK lounger layout that leads their audience through a memorable journey while providing a superb seating experience.
For many clients, these event type projects also provides a chance to give back to the community, as loungers are donated to their selected charities post-event, so that the loungers are upcycled while supporting those organizations or individuals in need.

Here are the most popular SLACK loungers for this type of usage :


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