relax and chill

Inside or out, kids, lounge or terrace, our seating solutions help to add a splash of colour and a dash of relaxation to your space.

Whether you’re going for a cool, modern vibe, or prefer a vibrant, colouful setting, our light-weight, versatile loungers can bring a unique accent into your home.

With various lounger’s enhanced seating designs, multi-positional funtionality, our SLACK loungers will transform a corner of your space into a relaxation oasis.

And, when you need a fresh new look, simply add or change the colour / design of the Slack lounger outer covers (make use of the existing beads filling too thus more friendly to our mother earth), or, just change the layout of your space easily with our light-weight creations. Reconfiguring your space is now a much simpler task without the need to lift so many heavy furniture pieces.

In a few simple steps, your home interior, reinvented.

Here are the most popular SLACK loungers for this type of usage :


Home Sweet Home

Touch of Cosy Relaxation