SLACK Schools

SLACK Schools
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Many schools around the world that we’ve had the honour to work with, are leading the way in developing collaborative space for their students, utilizing vibrant colours with our unique lounger designs, students can discuss ideas, listen and share stories, and concepts blossom in an environment that inspires creativity and work flow.

Apart from classrooms and open learning space, many school libraries also like to make use of our various lounger designs, to encourage the joy of reading.

Here are the most popular SLACK loungers for this type of usage :

Slack Bean Bags in 504_v2

Sirocco series

Sirocco Pod Chair – one of the most comfortable seating solutions in the world!

heXAGon Lounger

Maximum Freestyling – a multi-positional lounger design


TallGuy Lounger

A Versatile Classic – inspired by the first Sacco design in 1968

Trapezoid Lounger

The Perfect Shape – Conforming Comfort And Stability


Prism Lounger

Small Footprint – Multiple Usage


Prism Lounger

Small Footprint – Multiple Usage